Thursday , November 23 2017
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Hi! My name is Ariel and I am an introvert who sometimes pretends to be an extrovert, particularly on vacation. I can make anywhere an adventure and often do.

Idioms, clichés, adages, and “old folks” sayings pepper my speech as well as my writing. Learning and using new words enthrall me, so you may see some unexpected words pop up on the blog from time to time.

I started this blog as a guide especially for introverts, solo travelers and anyone who wants to see the less popular or lesser known paths. These are my experiences and your mileage may vary, but I want to provide a starting point that can be adjusted to your wants, needs and desires. My travels do not always include pictures or sights you may expect, for that is my goal. I hope you enjoy these pathways with me.

Special note to introverts:

Introverts like myself will typically research and research an area, get super excited about it, and plan it. But when it comes time to embark, hesitation may creep in, and mostly due to the amounts of people that we’ll have to interact with on any given day. My blog is a starting point guide to navigate past the hesitation, demonstrate how alone time can be achieved on even the shortest or busiest getaways and to reinforce that Introverts Travel.