Thursday , November 23 2017
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My Experience with Dental Tourism in Thailand

Taxi truck on Koh Lanta

Medical tourism (or medical vacation) is defined as traveling outside of one’s country for the purpose of receiving medical (or dental) care. Years ago, I was watching a documentary on medical tourism in Thailand.  It was specifically about plastic surgery and how for about $10,000, you could get all this ...

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Terrifying Cakes and Gallery Brunches


I truly have no idea how I find out about events sometimes. Sometimes events just jump out at me and the intrigue of what something is really about draw me in. Enter Cakeland by artist Scott Hove, featuring an artwork collaboration with Keith Magruder aka Baker’s son and Break Bread, ...

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15 Tips and Tricks to Save on Travel

15 Tips and Tricks

When it’s time to save on travel, austerity measures have to be put in place sometimes. I already know there are 1,001 blog posts on ways for saving money on travel. Let’s go ahead and make it 1,002. However, I’m going to be a little more thorough, perhaps. So you ...

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Iceland- The Land of the Unusual

Ring Road

When my brother, Justin, and I decided to go to Iceland,  it was mostly because the round-trip airfare was a phenomenal price. I didn’t know much about Iceland, except it had volcanoes, some weird terrain, and horses with a lot of hair. So when people would ask why I was ...

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San Francisco- A Foodie’s Paradise


San Francisco is one of those cities that should be on your bucket list. One reason is for the incredible food. Much like New York City, you can eat pretty much anything your heart desires in almost any setting. There are so many ways to dine and so many choices ...

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